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About Me

Vicky Hestyanto

My name is Vicky Hestyanto. From a very young age I was interested a business.  It did not matter what type of business as I had one I was happy. At the age of 8, I started to borrow my comics to my neighbor friends and then they should paid for it. I also sold mambo ices to my childhood friends.

“Plan your life AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, who do you want to be, what are you going to be, BEFORE you are be planned by other people FOREVER.”

That is a good quote I heard from Mr. Rangga Umara (Owner of Pecel Lele Lela), and I think it’s very true. Time is short and we better determine our life ourselves, not depend from others.

Finally, I want to say : See You On Top! :D


Kind Regards,

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Vicky Hestyanto