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Today Life Lesson, June 9th 2012

I learned that’s not easy to find a Programmer/Designer, who can be
trusted about time and accuracy. Do not just hope to one person until we
have an agreement and make a down payment. My third project is in the
middle of nowhere right now. From now on, I should search for another Programmer. I wish there is a way to find a new trusted, skilled and kindhearted Programmer. I know this isn’t easy as we seen but I have to struggle and come out with a solution. I will never give up on this certainly. I will do anything by any means necessary.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill

He’s totally right. The tougher problem/failure that we faced, the closer we are to success, and I believed it!

I’m in the GROWTH zone. I will pass it! 😉


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